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Inner Wellness

natures spiritI am very conscious of what I put into my body and what I Drink, Speak and what I Listen to, especially In times of stress.

It is vital not to endure at times of weakness, any unnecessary pressure.

For my Stomach and throat issues I eat small, healthy soft and nourishing frequent meals. This feeds my body and fuels it slowly and calmly throughout the day.

I love to Meditate for  relaxation of the mind and body.To start it may only be a short 10 mins or later a lovely hour of sunlit, cushioned and comfortable escape into my inner , calm being.It is so essential for me to do this, as anyone with health  concerns will tell you.  Time Out is the best medicine….

Through my healthy eating, I manage my digestive imbalances in my body.  I choose where I can, to eat gluten free, organic and preservative free food.Food for medicine Natural Healing

The Natural healing within my system is a day to day monitoring challenge that needs perseverance, patience and avoiding emotional bingeing at all times.

LightThrough my Meditation, Relaxation, Positive and Grateful attitude I also assist the Spiritual and Emotional side of my health.The Natural, unencumbered approach brings me much inner Peace and Release.

The body, mind and spirit can then be restored to its natural healthy state.

Read more about my book, The Gift Within, a book about inner wellness